CH Artistry's Pride Of The Dance CGC aka: Sota

Gone but not forgotten. You will forever be in out hearts and memories

Sota "Pants"

Registration: ASDR/MASCA

DOB: 03/05/2005

HT: 18"

Skye & Ropers Lil Spur

aka: Spur

Registration: ASDR

DOB: 11/15/2015


Saddlebrooks Cindy Lou Who

aka: Cindy

Registration: ASDR

DOB: 10/20/2014


"RIP My Little Heart Dog"

Forbidden's Little Blue Sarah aka: Sarah

Best little dog ever. You will always be in my heart Sarah. We love and miss you. 

Forbidden's Chocolate Kiss

aka: Lucy

Registration: ASDR

DOB: 07/17/2016


Fullerton's Forbidden Treasure

aka: Phani

Registration: ASDR

DOB: 12/05/2018



Fullerton's Forbidden Dragon

aka: Peter James "Petee"

Registration: ASDR

DOB: 02/03/2018